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Folding Work Table --- The Best Gift For End Of Year

Folding Work Table --- The Best Gift For End Of Year Item NO.: 282733

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US$ 29.98

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  • DIMENSIONS: Standing: 33.46 in. L x 21.65 in. W x 29.75 in. H / Folded: 33.46 in. L x 21.65 in. W x 4.4 in. H
  • RESIN CONSTRUCTION: Made of heavy-duty resin with aluminum legs and a work space capacity of 1000 lbs.
  • DURABLE AND STRONG: Weather-resistant polypropylene construction prevents rusting, peeling, and denting
  • LESS THAN 30 SECOND SETUP: Unique quick opening and folding system for easy storage and portability
  • LESS THAN 30 LBS: With its lightweight design and sturdy carrying handle, take your workbench just about anywhere
  • EASY STORAGE: Folds down to 4.4 inches thick for easy storage in a pinch
  • ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: Includes two 12 inch clamps to secure a variety of working materials
  • VERSATILE USE: Perfect for any kind of project – DIY projects, home improvement, commercial construction work, painting, table saw use, and more
Product Name Folding Work Table --- The Best Gift For End Of Year
Item NO. 282733
Weight 1 kg = 2.2046 lb = 35.2740 oz
Category Hot Sale
Creation Time 2020-07-28


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Product Summary

Portable and durable Keter folding work table sets up in seconds to help you tackle the toughest tasks at the jobsite. No need to mess with sawhorses, 2x4s or plywood. Once set up, the table measures 33 1/2in.L x 21 3/4in.W x 29 3/4in.H and supports up to 1,000 lbs. Great for jobsite, cabin, camping, RVs, apartments or anyone looking for a heavy-duty work table that doesn't take up a lot of space.

Key Specs
Item# 60388
Brand Keter
Manufacturer's Warranty 1 year Limited Warranty
Ship Weight 30.9 lbs
Product Type Work table
Capacity (lbs.) 1,000
Portable or Stationary Stationary
Foldable No
Material Resin, aluminum
Dimensions L x W x H (in.) 33 1/2 x 21 3/4 x 29 3/4

Product Question + Answer

Where is it manufactured?

This table is manufactured in Israel.

Where is it manufactured?

To fold the table up, fold the center support section down and push in on the side supports to unlock them. Next, reach through the openings in the table top and grasp the lower section of the bench. Pull up on the lower section to begin collapsing the legs. Then, lower the unit to the ground. Once the unit is flat on the ground, press down on the table top to place the unit into its fully closed position.

How to secure a miter saw to table?

A miter saw can be clamped to the work table. It is not recommended to make modifications to the work table in order to mount to it directly.

Is the height adjustable?

The height is adjustable.

What is the weight of the product?

The actual weight of this folding work table is 27 lbs.

How well does it handle a machine that vibrates when used?

You will find this table to be very sturdy when used with a scroll saw. This table is designed to handle the vibration and up and down blade movements that some power tools produce.


This work table is weather resistant. The legs are aluminum.

What is the warranty period and who would you contact ?

This item has a 1 year warranty. 

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What an ingenious design! Two thumbs to release this light weight beast and you have a work space in less than 2 seconds! Two tiers, 4 legs pop open like magic, close middle support, now you’re ready to work! 1000 pound capacity!!!
All done? Fold middle support, grab lower shelf, lift, and everything retracts back to original position. I suffer, like many, with not much space to do a zillion jobs. These jobs, using this awesome, compact, surprisingly strong and mostly super compact work bench make everything so much better!



Perfect for storage in my garage. I had a 6' chest freezer that I used for minor cutting, etc. but it died and had nowhere to do fixing. This is great. It folds like a folding table and lays flat against a wall...well out of the way. It is a bit on the heavy side, but I wouldn't expect it to be light. I didn't discover the setup instructions until I figured out how to open it up...they were buried inside the unit. Once I did set it up, it i quite sturdy and is as advertised. For the ltd. 2 year warranty, they told me that I merely needed to have a bill copy available.



Just follow the follow the directions on closing so the legs fold properly. Other than that it’s great.
I’m an Electrical Contractor, when working on a Service or Meter Can , just pop it open, set the brace and you have a great work table where you need it!
When done, pop the brace and draw the bottom piece up and it folds right up!
Wish I’d found out about it years ago, saves so much stooping. In snow, keeps stuff dry and visible!



works great, nothing more needed to be said.

edit: after using the item more, i have had difficulties in getting the two included clamps to stay in their designated storage spots. i have now stopped storing them inside the table completely. i do not think this is enough to warrant reducing the 5 star review.



I checked the size of the top surface before I ordered it, to see that it fit my power mitre saw, because I had some household projects to do. A lot of wood cutting. When I got it it seemed even larger than I expected. It was perfect for my work. The tricky opening and folding mechanism is a wonder of mechanical engineering. I had fun with that one. The only drawback is the legs are a little wobbly side to side, but it didn't seem to affect what I was doing. It is also the perfect height for my average height. Folding so flat, it stows away even in my overstuffed garage.



Even though I might take a half star away (no on-board power outlet) I consider this table to be fantastic.

We're replacing 4 x 4 fence posts that require custom trimming work for rail holes and length adjustment. The table is quite sturdy and although the clamps are a little goofy, they hold the posts securely. Additionally, when I trim unnecessary length with a skill saw, the table keeps its footing well and doesn't lean or walk when cutting the pressure treated wood.



This is a great work bench. This bench is easy to set up (click in the buttons and that is about it). It is nice that it comes with two vice grip clamps that are detachable. I do not do a lot of DIY projects so I can't speak to the maximum weight limit, but it has easily held everything I have needed it for. The breakdown of the bench is just as easy (fold in the sides and pick it up). It has a handle on the top so that you can easily pick it up and carry it where you need it.



Took it out of the box and started to use that day - nice size - super easy to set up - actually as easy as the product video - that is rare. Had it out in the rain - had 5 2x4's stacked on it - no problem. The clamps are a little meh, but that is the only thing I can say that is not great about it. After use - clean up and tear down - quick and easy.



Purchased for my boyfriend who is a woodworker and he raves about
this product. He compared to products in the big box stores and this item was cheaper by quite a bit.
The design makes this so easy to use. Just a push of a button and you are ready to go. Will update
later is anything changes



While keep my garage clean and organized, I simply don't have the space for a dedicated work space. This folding work table is a great solution for this, as it provides a stable area for your projects that can be very quickly set up and taken down. It opens easily by squeezing the yellow sections on the side, and these same panels allow you pull the legs back in as you close it up. It has a side profile when collapsed, allowing it to freely stand upright for storage. It is a bit low if you're tall and needing to lean over it, but the trade-off of portability makes up for it. If you're working on something that is big, though, the low height actually helps. I stripped an end table and it was the perfect height when I set it on the work table. I've used the included clamps for several projects, and they held firm for jigsaws, reciprocating saws, and orbital sanders.



Watch the promotional video on this thing - you can literally set it up and take it down in a few seconds, and it actually works the way they demonstrate it! Plus it is incredibly strong and light as well as super convenient. Everyone that has seen mine said they were going to order one. It appears to be built well enough to withstand some abuse and last a long time, but we'll see. I can only say that I've not been very gentle with mine so far (using it for all manner of 'workshop', 'garage' and 'outdoor' projects) and aside from the battle scars it's received as a result, it still works perfectly. I'm ordering another for use inside the home (for 'clean' projects).



I purchased this product to use as a carving table. Since I live in an appartment I don't have a lot of room to do my wood working. (plus trying to keep my girlfriend happy, by not having my wood carving tools scattered throughout the appartment) I was very impressed that my carving vice would just mount up extremely easily to the table.



I DIY without a workbench. I tried sawhorses but no go, lugging tools around. So I bought this table. I love it.

It pulls up easily. I had trouble getting the grey support to snap in place; gotta flatten the handle on to and push till it snaps in. On that shelf there are insets for storing the two clamps. I throw all kinds of stuff in there. It folds back up easily, just go slow and make sure the legs are going in correctly. It truly works to hold the side handles and throw it open and then push it down to close.

I'm 60 and female. When open, I can pick it up easily or slide it, The legs are sturdy and rubber feet slide, don't chatter. When closed it's a job to lug it but it's just like a heavy suitcase.

I saved the instructions and bookmarked the website, and consult it often. It has channels for using the clamps horizontally and a hole for vertical. I've consulted the instructions several times to remind myself how it's done. The instructions and pictures are clear enough; my memory isn't :)

I really like this table and recommend it, all the more because of the price.



I love the fact that this table folds up so compact so it can be stored extremely easy. I saw all these other foldable tables that cost at least double the price and I'm so glad I got this instead. You can't go wrong for the money and happy it shipped fairly quickly to Hawaii. Also I couldn't get this anywhere here locally and everywhere else charges pretty much the same price if not more for shipping as the item costs. I saw this at Sam's Club a couple of weeks before I really knew what this was and I'm glad I was able to still get this at pretty much the same price it was being sold at Sam's Club.



What in the world do some of you people want for 60 bucks? This is the best folding work table I've ever seen. I use it all the time and you know what, it's far more important to know that this table doesn't rack when its open than it is to know, at least for me how much weight it can hold. Sure seems like you can hold a thousand pounds but I don't know. Anybody interested in this one can feel safe to buy it. If I had enough room in my garage I buy a few more. Obviously some people couldn't be satisfied with anything. I suppose that's okay if it wasn't such a misleading thing to print for us normal folk.



I wanted a lightweight portable workbench for some light woodworking and general handyman/home projects, and this has been a great accessory for more than a year now.



Very rare for me to give 5 stars. But this is honestly one of the best buys I have made on Amazon. This workbench is simple to setup and take down and does exactly what it is supposed to do.



I've been looking for a good work table for over a decade, and making do with sawhorses in the meantime. This table is exactly what I have been looking for. The folding mechanism is brilliant and I love being able to carry it to wherever I need to work, then dropping it open. It is super sturdy and easy to use with clamps. Highly recommended.
One note - there have been some bad reviews due to people breaking the opening mechanism, but that wouldn't happen if they just follow directions and DON'T PULL ON THE LEGS!



I viewed the video which I strongly recommend in order to grasp the operation of the table. It works as advertised and is a substantial and firm working platform....while exhibiting ease of opening and collapsing. My only bug a boo was the on board clamps.....I had to spend an hour or so getting them to operate as expected....I had lubricate them in and out many times just to get them to work properly; however, they do now operate as expected. For the price, table is a great buy.



What an extremely handy little table. easy to unfold, easy to put away. The clamps were just an awesome bonus that fit into the table wonderfully and hold about 3 2x4s at once during cuts. i found this to be an awesome addition to otherwise an excellent product. i have used it to hold up osb sheets as i rip them mainly but a few little 2x4 cuts were nice too. Its heavy for something as compact as it is but i like that.

has just a slight bit of wobble to it but its not significant enough to take a star. Works for the intended purposes and is a delight to use.

I got this table for 70 dollars and i do not regret this purchase at all. Would 100% buy again!
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